Mountain View Dog Training in Amissville, Virginia, has helped hundreds of people train their dogs to be the wonderful companions that only dogs can be. Our approach is positive, supportive, and fun for both the canine and the human members of each team.

We hold classes in two locations:

  • indoors at Hungry Like the Woof, at Hungry Like the Woof, 147 Alexandria Pike, Warrenton, VA 20186
  • outdoors at Mountain View Dog Training, 766 Viewtown Road, Amissville. VA 20106

November/December  2017 Classes at Hungry Like the Woof  — Check out Body Awareness!
Our classes for November-December are now posted in full. This session we are offering a new class: Body Awareness for Your Dog. For this running it is only a three-week class, tucked nicely into December on Friday early evenings.

Nose WorkThe Nose Knows

Classes are now in session.

Getting ready to try competition? We’re having a Mock ORT on December 9. Registration here

Agility Classes in Amissville (outdoors)

Email us at train@mountainviewdogtraining.com if you’re interested in our agility classes.

Mountain View at HLTW Class Schedule for 2017/18

Our classes at Hungry Like the Woof run on an eight-week rotation. Our schedule for the year is as follows:

  • Nov 20 – Dec 23, Jan 2- Jan 14
  • Jan 22 – Mar 11, 2018
  • Mar 19 – May 6
  • May 14 – Jul 1
  • Jul 9 – Aug 26
  • Sep 3 – Oct 21
  • Oct 29 – Dec 9